Sunday, 22 January 2012

zinedine zeehan

maniac : Hey,  whats  your  name?
me : zeehan
maniac : zidane???!!!
me :  -_-  not  funny
maniac : hey, its  a  cool  name  what?  zinedine  zeehan.
me : get  lost.

Friday, 20 January 2012

nothing vs everything

"Porque no tenemos nada, queremos hacerlo todo" 
 "because we have nothing, we will do everything"

20 things


20  things  people  don't  know

1. I  cry  when  i'm  angry
2. I  scared  of  dark. I  sleep  with  light  on.
3. I'm  noob, nerd, always  blank, a dinosaur  when  it  comes  to  techno.
4. I  love  ice  blended.
5. I  loved  being  alone.
6. I  don't  drink  milo.
7. I  cannot  eat  Hacks.
8. I  don't  like  cupcakes. I  loved  egg  tarts.
9. I  am  an  old  fashioned  lady.
10. I'm  not  feminine. I  don't  wear  heels, I  don't  have  handbag, I  don't  wear  makeup.
11. I  only  do  my  assignments  at  night. I'll  make  stupid, silly  mistakes  if  I  do  it  in  the  morning.
12. I  still  used  nokia  3310.
13. I  am  very  particular  when  it  comes  to  hygiene.
14. I'm  learn  to  cook  at  20  y.o.
15. I  wear  specs  since  i  was  10  y.o.
16.  I  loved  the  smell  of  petrol, the  smell  of  grass  after  raining.
17. I  am  addicted  to  caffeine. When  I  was  on  Form 5, I  took  5  cups  of  nescafe  per  day.
18. I'm  scared  of  fireworks
19. You  can't  tell  if  I'm  lying. I  have  poker  face.
20. I  never  have  crush.

p/s : who  is  me.  this  is  me. May  Allah  bless  each  of  us. InsyaAllah..

Thursday, 19 January 2012

I have dream(s) too


What's  your  ambition?
 --->  I don't  have  ambition.  Just  go  with  the  flow.  I  don't  have  ambition. But  I've  dream (s)

What  is  your  target?
---> I  don't  have  any  target  so   far. I  don't  have  target. But  I  have  dream(s). 

What  you  want  to  be  after  you  grad?
---> I  don't   know  what  I  want  to  be.  But  I've  dream (s).

What  is  the  most  thing  you  want  to  do  in your  life?
--->  I  don't  have  any. I  just  gonna  workout  to  make  my  dream(s)  come  true.

May  Allah  blessed  me  and  y'ol... InsyaAllah..  May  our  DREAMS  come  true..